Sometimes things happen unexpectedly.  Last Friday, while I was out doing some errands, I had a flat tire. It can be disturbing if it happens to you and you do not have a tire inflator with you. After having such a bad experience on the road, I decided I should have a portable flat tire inflator. This can help me in cases when my tire needs a little bit of air. But before I go shopping, I decided to check these three portable tire inflators.

Mini 150 PSI from GRANDTAU

GRANDTAU Portable Air Compressor Mini 150 PSI

If you like being associated with big names, GRANDTAU’s tire inflator is your best bet. It comes with a long charging cable that helps you to reach the four wheels and beyond. The presence of the nozzle adaptor lets you inflate all your sports equipment. The ultra-compact design makes it easy to carry making it available for any emergency. The hidden cords make storage easy. The four display units make reading easy. The inbuilt pressure gauge ensures that you inflate your tires anywhere anytime you want. You will get value for your cash by purchasing this product.


  • Simple to read display
  • It is easy to move due to its compact design
  • The inflator is easy to store because its cords are hidden
  • Unlike others, this tire inflators’ operation is simple so worries anytime you want to inflate your tire on the road.
  • It inflates tires quickly and with strong power.
  • Can inflate most sporting equipment from bicycles to sport ball
  • Works quietly


  • While not so many bad things to write about, some customers reported that the tire inflator stopped working after some months of use.

EPAuto 12V DC digital tire inflator

epauto 12v dc portable air compressor pump

This is among the preferred tire inflators for anyone looking for one that prevents over-inflation. It automatically shuts off once the needed tire pressure is attained. Therefore, there is no need to worry as you can do other things while inflating the tire without having to monitor it. The carry bag helps to make storage simple. The long cable of this machine lets you reach all areas, and it has a backup fuse. The tire inflator also has a LED flashlight that you can use during those dark hours.

You can here for more reviews


  • This tire inflator is fast as compared to others
  • It is not noisy
  • It can inflate tires on trucks, cars, Sedan, and bikes.
  • It is lightweight and therefore there is no need to worry as you can take it with you on your next trip.
  • The tire inflator is easy to operate, and this means you do not need the help of someone to teach you.


  • One of the things I noted about this machine is that it has a disgusting smell.    

AC/DC Rapid Performance

Kensun Ac/dc Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor

Are you looking for a tire inflator that has advanced functions? AC/DC rapid performance from Kensun is your number one choice. It features digital presets mechanisms that help in the smooth delivery of the necessary pressure. The white LED light is helpful when it comes to dark hours. The tire device comes with a carry bag that has a handle making it effortless to carry when going for outdoor activities. The carry bag has enough space to store your tools and all accessories saving you the headache of carrying several bags.

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  • The device is moveable; thus you don’t have to worry when going for outdoor activities with your family.
  • The carry bag offers more space to store your accessories
  • Can power several devices from toys to tires
  • It is accurate and fast
  • It is not quiet or so noise, but the sound is acceptable.
  • Can be used even during dark hours thanks to the LED light


  • Some customers complained that the machine failed to work after using it for few days. But it is among the best you can get.


Enjoy undisrupted outdoor activities by getting one of these tire inflators. I don’t want to have the same issues next Friday, and that is why I have already chosen one that matches my needs. The machine you should buy for inflating your tire or sporting equipment needs to be portable, fast, easy to handle and can be used during those dark hours.