While knitting can seem boring to some, I am here to tell you that is one of the most relaxing hobbies I have ever had and it has its own interesting place in history. So, to give you a brief overview of knitting I have compiled a list of some interesting knitting facts for you to enjoy!


  1. The exact age of knitting is not known. It is not as old as weaving or crochet.
  2. Fragments considered to be doing knitting have been found to be doing binding.
  3. The knitting history is unclear as textiles used for interweaving are from silk, wool, and some fibers that deteriorate quickly.
  4. Unlike in weaving and spinning, historians think that knitting is a fairly recent discovery since there are no early folklores of knitting.
  5. The earliest types of knitting are known to have used oblong but narrow and woody frames. However, historians are not sure when the frames substituted.
  6. Among the first samples of knitting were twosomes of socks (cotton) created in Egypt.
  7. At first, knitting was a man-only profession.  The first union knitting was founded in Paris in 1527.
  8. Hand knitting turned out to be valuable after the discovery of the knitting machine. Needlepoint, spinning, and quilting is now a relaxation activity.
  9. Miriam Tegels from the Netherlands is the planet’s fastest knitter.
  10. Linda Benne, the speed knitting champ of North America for the last ten years, can crotchet.253 in three minutes.
  11. 2012, 3,083 people crocheted together for 15 minutes setting a record for the most people knitting concurrently.
  12. Mega knitting implies the use of crocheting needles that are equal to or bigger than half an inch in diameter. The needles used are bent at the tips into hooks.
  13. In 1589, the knitting machine was invented by William Lee. Knitting was slowly overtaken by guild-organized cottage industries in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  14. William Cotton invented the complete fashioned machine in 1864.
  15. Initially, tortoise, bone, and ivory shell were used to make knitting needles
  16. Knitting is thought to have started from the Arab world and spread to Spain through crusades. The word knit was not included in English until the 1400s.
  17. Babcock completed the Kansas City marathon in 5hrs, 48mins and 27 seconds as he knit a 12ft, 13/4’ long scarf to enter the Guinness World Record.
  18. A Norwegian TV intends to devote five hours of broadcast in a move to outdo the 4hrs 50mins of knitting.
  19. The knitting record in France is held by Edward Hannaford, a record of 16.36 miles.
  20. Knitting was first identified in England in the 13th century as felted caps put on by sailors and soldiers.
  21. Until her death, Queen Victoria was a creative knitter.
  22. Soldiers in France received knitted mittens, helmets, scarves, and socks during the WWI as binding gave emotional relief to women.
  23. 30 minutes of knitting causes a person to burn 55 calories as compared to 21 calories burnt in six minutes of the sexual encounter.
  24. Fashion changes in the 1980s and 1990s led to a reduced the knitting.
  25. There has been an increased concern in knitting with the arrival of new fibers with yarns made from hemp, soy, bamboo, alpaca, microfiber, and camel.
  26. Standard, circular, and double pointed and the three common kinds of needles for knitting.
  27. Knit is a term derived from Cnyttan, ancient English, meaning to tie
  28. Continental knitting interest decreased in 1940’s and is attributed to its Germany origin.
  29. English and continental knitting are both used in England and the U.S., But Japanese knitters use the continental style with the Chinese using English style.
  30. Knitting plays a role as a natural antidepressant and can assist to lessen chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.
  31. Ravelry, a networking site for knitters, those who weave, and crochet has more than three million members by 2013.
  32. The Ravelry.com site received a letter from the United States Olympic board that said the Ravelympics invaded their copyright.
  33. Vann White, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz are among the celebrated people who knit.
  34. Some women have tried abortion using knitting needles with some of them dying or having severe complications.
  35. Tricoteuse means knitting woman in French.
  36. Knitting socks with adverse comfort are crucial.
  37. The popular knitting materials in the early years were silk and cotton.
  38. A confirmation that knitting was developed in the Middle East is identified in the how knitters do their stitches.
  39. Knitting Madonna’s started to be seen in Europe in the 1350s depicting the Virgin Mary knitting.
  40. The King of Sweden, in 1566 had 27 pairs stockings, all made from silk and brought in from Spain.
  41. Landes swamps shepherds knitted on stilts as they looked after their flocks.
  42. In the 16th century, Modelbuch, a pattern book for knitting was introduced.
  43. Stitch-n-Bitch means social knitting groups.
  44. Women knitters of between 25-35 increased between 2002 and 2004 in the United State.
  45. East Asia countries do not have hand knitting history.
  46. Silk and cotton were popular materials as wool was rare.
  47. Jeannette Huisinga is the owner of the universe’s biggest knitting needles of 25 pounds each.